1. Recognition and Celebration: To acknowledge the accomplishments of women leaders who have excelled in their respective domains.
  2. Inspiration and Empowerment: To inspire young women and emerging leaders by showcasing role models and their success stories.
  3. Networking and Collaboration: To provide a platform for women leaders to connect, share insights, and collaborate on future initiatives.
  4. Advocacy and Awareness: To promote gender equality and the importance of women’s leadership in driving sustainable development.


  1. Nominations: Open nominations through a dedicated online portal, allowing peers, colleagues, and community members to nominate exceptional women leaders.
  2. Screening: Initial screening of nominations by a panel of experts to ensure they meet the eligibility criteria.
  3. Evaluation: Detailed evaluation of shortlisted candidates based on the selection criteria.
  4. Announcement: Final selection of awardees and announcement through a formal press release and award ceremony.

Selection Criteria


  1. Leadership and Vision: Demonstrated outstanding leadership and a clear vision in their field.
  2. Innovation and Impact: Evidence of innovative approaches and significant impact on their industry or community.
  3. Mentorship and Advocacy: Commitment to mentoring other women and advocating for gender equality.
  4. Sustainability and Ethical Practices: Promotion of sustainable practices and ethical standards in their work.

The Women in Leadership Awards celebrate and recognize the remarkable contributions of women leaders across various sectors. These awards aim to highlight the achievements of women who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, innovation, and impact in their fields, inspiring the next generation of female leaders.

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Dive deep into pressing topics and emerging trends with hands-on workshops led by industry experts.

Panel Discussions and Q&A sessions

Engage in lively discussions with industry experts and leaders on key challenges and opportunities.



Gain insights from influential thought leaders and visionaries shaping the future of leadership.

Exhibition and Tech Demonstrations

Explore cutting-edge technologies and innovations driving progress.

Industry Site Visits

Get an insider's look at leading facilities and projects with guided site visits.

Networking trips and events

Forge valuable connections and collaborations during networking trips and special events.

Breakfast and keynote presentation

Start your day off right with a delicious breakfast and an inspiring keynote presentation.

Awards and

Gala Dinner

Celebrate excellence and innovation in the energy sector at the prestigious awards ceremony and gala dinner.

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Celebrates women who have demonstrated outstanding leadership in the non-profit and social impact initiatives. This includes founders, leaders, and advocates who have made significant contributions to social causes, community development, and humanitarian efforts. 

Non-profit and social impact

Recognizes young women under the age of 35 who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, innovation, and impact in their respective fields. This award aims to highlight emerging leaders who are poised to make significant contributions in the future. 

Young Leader Award

Recognizes women who have demonstrated outstanding leadership and innovation in the business world. This includes successful entrepreneurs, CEOs, and business leaders who have driven significant growth and impact within their organizations or industries.

Business and Entrepreneurship

Celebrate women who have shown exceptional leadership and innovation in healthcare and medicine. This includes doctors, researchers, and healthcare administrators who have made significant contributions to improving patient care, medical research, or healthcare systems. 

Healthcare and Medicine

Acknowledges women who have excelled in education and academia. This includes educators, professors, researchers, and administrators who have demonstrated a commitment to advancing education, fostering academic excellence, and mentoring future leaders. 

Education and Academia

Recognizes women who have made significant contributions to the arts and culture. This includes artists, performers, writers, curators, and cultural leaders who have demonstrated creativity, innovation, and impact in their respective fields.

Arts and Culture

Honors women who have shown exceptional leadership and dedication in public service and government. This includes elected officials, public servants, and policymakers who have made significant contributions to public administration, policy development, and community service. 

Public Service and Government

Meet our esteemed panel of judges for the Women in Energy Awards, distinguished experts and leaders in the industry who bring extensive experience and insight to recognize excellence and innovation in the energy sector. With their diverse perspectives and unwavering commitment to excellence, our judges ensure a fair and rigorous evaluation process to honor the outstanding achievements of women in energy.

As a valued member of our community, we invite you to nominate exceptional women from Europe and MENA region for this prestigious recognition.

Women in Leadership Awards 2024

The award categories are as follows:

Nominate the outstanding women shaping the future of the energy sector for the Women in Energy Awards today and celebrate their remarkable achievements!

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