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Meet Ghina Annan  

05 May 2024

Ghina Annan is a visionary leader driven by a profound passion for sustainability and a relentless dedication to making a genuine difference in the world. With over 11 years of experience in the energy industry, Ghina has emerged as a trailblazer, pioneering transformative initiatives that integrate forward-thinking sustainability objectives with hands-on expertise to provide impactful resolutions for architectural structures, comprehensive development strategies, and urban environments.


Throughout her illustrious career, Ghina has spearheaded numerous iconic projects across the MENA region and beyond, shaping her understanding of the intricate intersections between different disciplines. Her evidence-based mindset allows her to approach problem-solving with precision, striving to make the future of the industry not only livable but also sustainable.


At the core of Ghina's work is the pursuit of audacious goals, including attaining Net Zero Energy, Water, Waste, and Carbon. She diligently upholds compliance with rigorous regulations, codes, standards, and safety protocols while providing thought leadership on project sustainability impacts and carbon footprints. Her expertise spans a diverse array of sustainability and climate action subjects, from sustainable material selection and management to circular economy practices and energy management.


As a true changemaker, Ghina actively collaborates with stakeholders across the globe, fostering strong partnerships to transform visions into tangible reality. Her contributions extend beyond individual projects, as she actively engages with clients, government authorities, NGOs, and international organizations to create a ripple effect of positive change within the energy industry and the wider world.


Ghina's commitment to social responsibility is evident through her active involvement in professional and non-governmental organizations. She chairs the ASHRAE committee for Building Decarbonization Whole Life Design Guide, leading the development of essential resources within ASHRAE to advance energy transition and sustainability efforts. She is also a member of the Association of Energy Engineers Lebanon Chapter and the International Council on Women in Energy & Environmental Leadership.


Driven by her passion for sustainability education, Ghina has influenced over 10,000 students in the MENA region through the Green Apple Day of Service program. Through her YouTube channel and advocacy efforts, she continues to inspire stakeholders to make sustainable choices and shape sustainable energy policies at local, regional, and global levels.

Ghina's remarkable contributions have been recognized through prestigious awards and recognitions, including the 2022 Association of Energy Engineering International Young Energy Professional of the Year Award and the designation of ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer.

In summary, Ghina Annan's unwavering commitment to sustainability and her pioneering efforts in sustainable energy leadership make her a true trailblazer in the industry. Her visionary approach and dedication to driving positive change continue to inspire and empower stakeholders worldwide, paving the way for a greener and more sustainable future.

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