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Welcome to Discover HER, the blog section dedicated to celebrating women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). Here, we shine a spotlight on the incredible achievements, innovations, and contributions of women in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Our team is passionate about highlighting the stories and experiences of women who are making waves in STEM industries, breaking barriers, and inspiring the next generation of female leaders. 

Through Discover HER, we aim to provide valuable insights, resources, and inspiration for women pursuing careers in STEM. From interviews with trailblazing women in the field to discussions on important topics such as gender diversity, inclusion, and empowerment, we cover a wide range of content to support and uplift women in STEM.

05 May 2024
Ghina Annan is a visionary leader driven by a profound passion for sustainability and a relentless dedication to making a
12 April 2024
Joumana Hosri Haji stands as a beacon of innovation and leadership, driving transformative change within the renewable energy sector across
31 March 2024
Randa Sleiman is not just a certified mechanical engineer; she is a visionary leader, a dedicated educator, and a tireless
31 March 2024
Dalia Jubaili embodies the spirit of innovation and the drive to create a better, more sustainable future. With a passion
31 March 2024
Maryam T. Telmesani stands as a beacon of empowerment, harnessing the power of sustainability leadership to drive transformative change on

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